Youths Will Be Paid Ksh.2,400 A Week For Planting Trees, Sakaja Says

Nairobi Governor Johnson Sakaja has announced that he is planning to introduce a tree-planting program to create opportunities for young people.

Addressing the media on Monday, Governor Sakaja said that the program will compensate for the abolished Kazi Mtaani program and keep the youth away from crime.

This comes amid increased cases of criminal activities especially muggings within the city.

The program, with the help of the Kenya Forest Services (KFS) and the National Government, will have the young employees work for four days a week and earn Ksh,2,400 a week. 

“Our work is to create opportunities for our young people. Of course, we have re-designed the Kazi Mtaani program but we are starting a greening program together with the KFS and the National Government,” said Sakaja.

“These young people will be able to work four days in a week and get about Ksh.2,400 and put it into something meaningful.”

Sakaja further chastised those engaging in crime, noting that not having a source of income should not result in mugging the capital’s residents.

“Not having a job is not an excuse to be a criminal, there are also very many people who have no jobs but are not criminals,” he said.

He further noted that the county government has already set the ball rolling on installing security reforms to help restore calm in the city.   

“We are doing our best, we are lighting up the entire city to ensure that there’s no dark place and we are currently talking with Kenya Power. We have also cleared some of our bridges where some of these criminal activities want to be harbored,” he said.

Sakaja affirmed that the reforms will be implemented in the shortest time possible and that people will “see action not just hear words.”

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