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Luo Man Shocks Kenyans by Buying a Huge Screen Worth Ksh 84,000 and PS4 While Living in a Mabati-Based House in the Slums

A Kenyan man has recently become the center of attention on TikTok. Going by the handle @cheb4467, he has left netizens amused and intrigued by showcasing his choice of priorities – a massive TV in a humble shack.

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The viral TikTok video features @cheb4467 dancing energetically next to a giant TV screen that dominates the space within his modest dwelling.

The juxtaposition of the grand entertainment setup against the simplicity of the shack has ignited a wave of reactions and questions from viewers.

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As the video gained traction, Kenyans flooded the comment section with a mix of disbelief, curiosity, and humor. Tamara Mbijiwe, one commenter, humorously quipped, “Tunaeza ona receipt ya TV kindly? Math is not mathing,” expressing skepticism about the cost of the television.

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Others, like, marveled at the setup, wondering where this unique home is located.

What caught the attention of many was not just the size of the TV but the additional features in this unassuming space.

WiFi, a PlayStation 4, and even a subwoofer were spotted, hinting at a tech-savvy and entertainment-focused lifestyle within the confines of a shack.

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Affiliate Mentor drew a parallel to the TV’s significance in the popular series Sense8, emphasizing its ability to transport individuals from their immediate surroundings to places they might not afford to go.

The hanging saint and a doll also became talking points, further adding layers to the conversation.

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