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Akothee States That Omosh Was Only Her Video Vixen

  • Singer, businesswoman, and philanthropist Esther Akoth, often known as Akothee, had long since stopped providing fans with updates on her love affair with Nelly Oaks.
  • The mother of five has recently prioritised recruitment and learners while making sure her academy is operating smoothly.
  • However, Akothee shocked fans on Friday, February 2, by sharing a photo of herself with Nelly Oaks, her former manager and boyfriend.

Akothee posted a striking statement with the pictures, expressing how her Valentine’s gift had arrived early, and the two were dressed in identical black suits.

“My head is swelling when he is around if you know you know@nellyoaks He arrived with my suite see my suite ooh Valentines gifts dropped too early,” Akothee Wrote.

Questions concerning her past relationship with her Swiss ex-husband Denis Omosh Schweizer were raised by pictures once more.

“What happened to your Switzerland white husband you wed? Are you guys not together anymore?” a worried Instagram user, Ella While, who seems to be oblivious of what transpired questioned.

“That was a video shoot he was a vixen the video is on YouTube,” Akothee responded.

Ella was not the only one who was clueless, as other identical queries arose, and Akothee responded in a similar manner.

“It was a video shoot not a wedding, kwani hauna bundles,” she responded to another.

Another Instagram user called her out for changing spouses like pants.

“Do you even change your underwear how many do you have? 1?” Akothee replied.

To the person who questioned whether Nelly Oaks was confused, Akothee replied, “Stop watching someone’s life with envy; it affects your judgement.

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Akothee dumped Omosh right after their honeymoon in Greece after learning some facts about him. That was just two months after their highly publicised wedding.

“I left the relationship in June. I usually leave relationships while they are still ongoing. When we were on our honeymoon, I discovered several things I couldn’t handle. Then he questioned, “Will you leave me?” I said, “No, honey; I love you.” When I was leaving Switzerland in July, he asked me at the airport, “Will you leave me?” and I replied, “No, honey, I love you.”

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