Club Hostess: How Nairobi Ladies are Earning Upto Ksh.50,000 per Night

Our generation has grown up with alcohol consumption and clubbing as standard pastimes. Most individuals enjoy going out to parties.

The majority of clubs in Nairobi have chosen to invest in attracting patrons, making the position of club host extremely lucrative.

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Never forget that making money is every business’s primary goal.

A club has to be well-known in order to turn a profit. The main strategies for boosting club business are bringing in famous artists and beautiful ladies, as well as hiring well-known DJs.

There are many perverts in Nairobi, particularly among men, and most clubs have made the investment to hire club hosts in order to draw them in.The women are typically stunning, voluptuous, and always dress provocatively to draw in clients.

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There are plenty of clubs with VIP areas. Here, security is almost always ensured, and the hostess typically looks after the VIP.

As he sip his drinks, the VIP spends time getting to know her. The high caliber of services provided encourages repeat business at the club.

In order for this club hostess to continue providing excellent services and luring VIPs and other patrons, they must be well compensated.

Up to Ksh.50,000 is paid each night to the hostess who looks after VIPs and spends quality time with them. Strippers can make as much as Ksh. 30,000 a night.

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