Tiktoker Who Ate A Bat Shocks Kenyans After Cooking and Eating Cow Dung.

Once again, Aq9ine, dubbed the King of Mogoka, is trending on social media.

Click this link to watch full video  https://t.me/+t3Qo4kEeOk5lOGZk

Aq9ine eating the cow dung

This is following his decision to once more do something extraordinary in an attempt to astound his followers and increase the number of likes and followers on his social media pages.

His posts typically revolve around trying new foods and generally living life to the fullest.

The tiktoker became seriously ill a year ago (2022) as a result of his decision to catch, cook, and consume a bat.

Click this link to watch full video  https://t.me/+t3Qo4kEeOk5lOGZk

The content creator was forced to seek medical attention despite the video going viral because he was throwing up blood and his health had started to worsen.

Kenyans were about to assume that the content creator had learned his lesson and had stopped eating strange meals when he decided to surprise them by indulging in cow dung.

The King of Mogoka is shown preparing his appetite for a feast on fresh cowdung by gathering it, putting it on a sufuria, and adding a few spices in a video that he posted on his official Instagram page.

Click this link to watch full video  https://t.me/+t3Qo4kEeOk5lOGZk

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