My Boyfriend From USA Has Opened 3 Restaurants For Me And We Are Yet To Meet

A maid rejoiced online after her American lover opened three eateries for her in Nigeria.

A maid rejoiced online after her American lover opened three eateries for her in Niger.

In a now-private TikTok video, the maid narrated their love story and proudly promoted her adventures.

@nuellachisom0 mentioned that they have been dating for eight months but have never met in person.

She claimed that her man was not thrilled to know that she worked as a maid and that she was too valuable to be someone’s servant.

This helped him financially. In her words: “He met me when I was working as a maid and said I was too precious to be someone’s servant.

So he opened three restaurants for me in Lagos. We haven’t met face to face yet. We have been dating for eight months.

Her now-unavailable videos have sent netizens into a frenzy. Another woman was happy when her white partner came to Nigeria for her. Watch her video here.

There were mixed reactions after the maid’s statement.

cas_hair_gallery said: “All it takes is one destiny helper and your life will change for the better.”

inumidun_ said: “Congratulations and learn to cover your mouth when you eat because no one is really happy for you, before they use kayamata to collect your aromas.”

iamtofemi said: “Congratulations to you Chisom, but why haven’t you two met in person, yet “she meets you when she works as a maid”??”

Dandavidfilms said: “Congratulations but if you know you can’t keep your feet in one place. Don’t visit him there. Slap for gun play na 9ja o for America. They cannot break their hearts or they love deeply.

realjudy__ said: “That’s a man there!! A man raised with love and compassion…they never manipulate but watch the investment!! You are good my sister.”

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