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Revealed that Stevo simple boy Brother kicked him out of his house in Buruburu and took over.

Stivo Simple Boy’s manager quit working with the singer, claiming his family had a fight with him.

However, in an exclusive interview Chingi Boy claimed that Stivo is already living in Kibra and his brother is taking over his home in Buruburu.

Stivo also confirmed to  that he was back in Kibra and refused to divulge further details about his situation

Stivo Simple Boy has been evicted
He claimed that Stivo’s family fought him despite his efforts to help the struggling musician’s career.

In an exclusive interview , Chingi revealed that his siblings removed Steve from his house in Buruburu and took over.

“The artist’s family is fighting me and I was just trying to help their boy. Now they have returned him to Kibra. Stivo is not talking, just smiling,” he said.

In July 2023, Mumias East MP Peter Salasya offered to pay KSh 10,000 rent for hitman Freshi Barida and it was revealed that he had moved to Donholm.

How Stivo Simple Boy moved to Buruburu
However, when asked how he switched houses, his manager told TUKO.co.ke:

“Salasya never took him to Donholm. It was I who took him to Buruburu, and when I brought him together with Salasya, I advised him not to give him money, but to buy things from the house and give them to him. He was removed from the house and his brother lives there, but I’m paying it. Salasya only paid the deposit and the rent.”

However, Chingi confirmed that he had already alerted the manager to give Steve’s brother a leave notice, adding that he would no longer be managing the singer.

Stivo also confirmed to that he has returned to life in Kibra and declined to divulge further details on the reason for his move.

DirectorTrevor offers to help Steve
Singer Ndio Maanake recently participated in a live TV interview but ended up fainting, much to the concern of many.

However, a few hours later, the YouTuber’s director, Trevor, came and offered to help Steve on his content creation journey.

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