Safaricom explains cause of internet interruption Safaricom, a leading internet service provider in Kenya, acknowledged experiencing an outage due to damage to one of the undersea cables that manage internet traffic to and from the country.

Safaricom, a prominent player in Kenya’s internet service sector, recently confronted a notable challenge—a disruption in internet connectivity attributed to damage to an undersea cable responsible for managing internet traffic to and from the country.

A diver repairing an undersea cable

In a transparent move, Safaricom promptly addressed the issue, acknowledging the outage and offering insights into their response strategy. The company activated a series of redundancy measures aimed at mitigating service interruptions and ensuring continued connectivity for its users.

In a statement issued to its customer base, Safaricom shed light on the situation, stating, “We have experienced an outage on one of the undersea cables that deliver internet traffic in and out of the country. We have since activated redundancy measures to minimize service interruption and keep you connected as we await the full restoration of the cable.”

However, amidst the assurance of efforts to maintain service, Safaricom also cautioned its users about the possibility of encountering reduced internet speeds during this period of restoration. This transparent communication demonstrates Safaricom’s commitment to keeping its customers informed and managing expectations during service disruptions.

Internet interruptions can be frustrating for users, particularly in today’s digitally interconnected world where online connectivity is paramount for various activities, including work, education, and communication. Nevertheless, Safaricom’s proactive response and transparency in addressing the cause of the interruption reassure its customers of the company’s dedication to resolving the issue expediently.

As users navigate through this period of potential connectivity challenges, Safaricom’s reassurance and ongoing updates serve as a reminder of the importance of reliable infrastructure and the measures in place to address unforeseen disruptions. Patience and understanding from users are crucial as Safaricom works diligently to restore seamless internet services for its clientele.

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