” I Was Very Fertile, Lakini Sai Nastruggle Kupata Mimba”, 51 Years Akothee Now Unable to Get Pregnant Just Days After Wedding.

Musician Esther Akothee has decided to open up about her struggles to get pregnant at the age of 41 years. Akothee who is already a mother of six is very eager to get a child with her husband Omosh.

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Akothee revealed during an Spm Buzz interview that they lost their unborn child on December 17, 2022. The worst part was that she had planned to announce her pregnancy on her wedding day, which falls on April 10, 2023, which also happened to be her birthday.

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However, Akothee asserted that she would not soon give up. Even though she and Omosh have been working extremely hard, they don’t appear to be having any luck. Since a doctor is guiding them through the entire process, she is still hopeful that it will happen soon.

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The musician said that a few years ago she used to be very fertile, and now she is shocked to see how she is struggling to get pregnant. Her goal is to at least have one or three children with her husband Omosh.

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She said that she will keep on carrying out pregnancy tests, till the time she will find out that it is positive. She urged all her fans to keep on praying for her because she really need a baby with Omosh.

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