” I had 5 abortions from streets, P2 ilinimess I was very cheap and generous Ashao. My rosecoco business has changed my life

She explained that his life on the street was not easy and he had to rely on Postinor-2 (P2) which made him sick.

Popular TikTok sensation, Nyako has opened up about her dark life before fame. In a live video on TikTok, Nyako revealed that she was pregnant, which made her pregnant five times.

She explained that her life on the street was not easy and she had to rely on Postinor-2 (P2) which made her sick.

However, according to her, there is a positive side to all this, she was able to find work for his two brothers in Germany and his life improved.

“I have had 5 abortions from the street, P2 is very cheap and generous Ashao if I am not mistaken. Rosekoko has changed my life and my 2 brothers work in Germany.

My max is 40k but sikuwai piga bei.” .

Nyako revealed that her parents were very angry with her. They didn’t want to see him, and when they realized what he was doing, they never picked up the phone.

she explained that he had tried to forgive his parents, but in vain. They rejected his proposals and asked her to be reborn and give up his immoral life. Unfortunately, they died while still in pain.

“I have one regret in my life. My whole affair was not funny. My parents disowned me after they found out that I was cheating.

I tried everything to get them to forgive me, but they could not accept it. My father did not even want to see me. “It’s past their prime,” She said.

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