Shocking Revelation: University Revokes Graduate’s Certificate After Sleeping Her Way to Good Grades

During the interview, she opened up on her financial struggles during her time in the University which made her seek to the street to hustle.

Shocking Revelation: University Revokes Graduate’s Certificate After Sleeping Her Way to Good Grades

A Disturbing Tale of Academic Misconduct and the Consequences

In a startling turn of events, a university has revoked the certificate of a graduate after she openly admitted to using her body to obtain good grades during her time as a student. The young woman, Chinwe, shared her story in a podcast interview, shedding light on the desperate measures she had to take to overcome her financial struggles and graduate.

The Podcast Revelation

During the interview, Chinwe revealed that she never attended lectures regularly, yet managed to graduate with impressive grades. This was due to a troubling tactic she had resorted to – exchanging sexual favors with her course lecturers in exchange for passing marks. Chinwe admitted that there was even a particular year where she did not attend a single class, yet passed all her exams through this unethical arrangement.

The University’s Response

The university’s administration was outraged by Chinwe’s confession, and swiftly took action. Shortly after the interview went viral, the institution decided to revoke Chinwe’s certificate, deeming her academic achievements tainted by the revelations of her misconduct. The university sent her an email, demanding that she return her certificate within two days.

The Consequences of Chinwe’s Actions

Chinwe’s decision to expose her unethical practices has had severe consequences. Not only has she lost the certificate she worked hard to obtain, but her reputation and future prospects have been irreparably damaged. The university’s decision to revoke her degree serves as a stark reminder of the importance of academic integrity and the consequences of betraying it.


This disturbing case highlights the troubling reality that some students may face, driven by financial hardship to resort to desperate measures to succeed academically. While Chinwe’s actions were unquestionably unethical, her story serves as a cautionary tale, urging universities and students alike to address the underlying issues that can lead to such breaches of academic honesty. As this scandal unfolds, it will be crucial for educational institutions to reflect on their policies and support systems to ensure that no student feels compelled to compromise their values in order to achieve their dreams.

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