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“I tried dating, but it got to a point I felt like afadhali nirudi kwa bwanangu,” Joyce Gituro on challenges of dating as a single mom

I respect men who marry single mothers without an appetite for money – Joyce Gituro’s battle with love’s cruel realities.

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Renowned media personality Joyce Gituro recently shared candid insights into her dating life following her separation from her husband.

In a conversation with Lynn Ngugi on January 29, Joyce revealed the challenges and surprises she encountered while navigating the dating scene as a single mother.

Joyce expressed the difficulties she faced while attempting to date as a single mother. She admitted to reaching a point where she considered returning to her former husband, realising that dating as a single mother presented its own set of challenges.


“I tried dating during that time. Let me tell you I got to a point where I was alike waaah, afadhali nirudi hata kwa yule bwanangu. There is this thing about dating as a single mother. People date you differently,” she said.

She highlighted the unique treatment single mothers receive in the dating world, acknowledging the respect she holds for men who embrace single mothers and show genuine love and respect for their children without ulterior motives.

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“I respect men who marry single mothers and they bond, love, and respect their kids and they move on na hawana appetite ya pesa,” she said.

Reflecting on her own experiences, Joyce recounted a relationship she entered that lasted two years. Initially promising, the relationship with a mature individual eventually revealed its shortcomings.

“Dating as a single mother nilishtuka. I tried dating that time and I got into a relationship that lasted for two years. Initially it was a very good relationship with a mature person but with time unaanza kuona where are we headed?” Joyce questioned.

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She noticed a lack of concern for her children’s well-being and realized that the person she was involved with prioritized her over her children.

“This person doesn’t even care kama watoto wako wako sawa or not. He doesn’t want to create time for you and your kids, just you. In fact afadhali akupatie pesa ununulie watoi pizaa muendee. Then you start thinking kama angekuwa baba ya hawa watoto hangefanya hivo,” she said.

Joyce admitted to falling into the trap of a rebound relationship, emphasising the dangers of entering a relationship without a clear understanding of one’s feelings and intentions.

Despite lacking a strong foundation or shared goals, she found herself deeply invested in the relationship, only to experience profound disappointment upon its end.

“The mistake that most ladies make coz I also did ni rebound. I went into this relationship nikampenda. Hata hujui unampendea nini, hakuoi, there’s nothing between you, ni hiyo tu relationship, but you are totally in love. Wakati tuliachana na this one, I got more depressed than the father to my kids,” she said.

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Following the breakup, Joyce underwent a period of introspection and personal growth. She acknowledged that the experience helped her mature and gain a deeper understanding of herself.

Today, Joyce exudes confidence and self-assurance, recognising her own worth and setting clear expectations for any future relationships.

Joyce outlined her criteria for a potential partner, emphasizing the importance of shared values, financial stability, and mutual respect.

She asserted her stance against financially supporting a partner and emphasized the need for companionship built on equality and respect.

“Number one you must be God fearing. I dont want someone coming to pull me back to my old ways… He must be financially stable and of course have some level of respect,” Joyce said.

Joyce is a mother three children, two sons, and a daughter.

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