The removal came swiftly after Sonko posted a controversial video featuring young boys from Sigor, a small town in Bomet County, Kenya.

Former Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko has faced a significant setback in his online presence after losing access to his Instagram account, which boasted over 2 million followers. The removal came swiftly after Sonko posted a controversial video featuring young boys from Sigor, a small town in Bomet County, Kenya.

The video in question depicted a group of boys engaged in raping, which Sonko shared with the intention of showcasing their talent However, the post quickly drew criticism and accusations of exploitation from various online communities and activist groups.

Instagram’s decision to disable Sonko’s account highlights the platform’s increasing scrutiny over content that may potentially exploit or endanger minors. This move is part of broader efforts by social media companies to protect vulnerable individuals, particularly young people, from inappropriate or harmful content.

Mike Sonko, a polarizing figure in Kenyan politics known for his colorful personality and unorthodox social media presence, has often courted controversy through his online activities. This latest incident underscores the delicate balance between freedom of expression and responsible use of social media platforms.

The loss of Sonko’s Instagram account is not merely a personal setback; it reflects a broader shift in how social media platforms are enforcing their community guidelines. With more scrutiny on content involving minors and vulnerable groups, users are increasingly being held accountable for the material they share online.

For Sonko, who has relied heavily on social media to communicate directly with his supporters and shape public perception, this development poses a significant challenge. It raises questions about the responsibilities of public figures on social media and the need for greater awareness when sharing content, especially involving minors.

The incident serves as a cautionary tale for public figures and influencers navigating the digital landscape. As social media platforms continue to refine their policies, users must exercise caution and sensitivity when sharing content that could potentially raise ethical concerns or violate community guidelines.

In conclusion, the removal of Mike Sonko’s Instagram account underscores the evolving dynamics of social media governance and the growing importance of responsible digital citizenship in the age of online influence.

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