Parroty Vunulu Calls Out Mejja as the Most Selfish Person in the Music Industry

In a surprising turn of events, Arbantone artist Parroty Vunulu has taken to Instagram to express his frustrations with fellow musician Mejja. In his Instagram story, Parroty did not hold back, labeling Mejja as the most selfish person in the music industry. His exact words were, “Sijai ona mtu selfish kwa music industry kama Mejja. Red flags tupu. Kupe hiyo.”

Accusations of Selfishness

Parroty Vunulu’s post highlights significant discontent and frustration. He accuses Mejja of being incredibly selfish, suggesting that there are numerous red flags associated with the artist. The term “kupe,” which translates to “tick” in English, implies that Parroty views Mejja as someone who takes advantage of others without giving back.

Impact on the Music Community

These accusations have sent ripples through the Kenyan music industry, stirring discussions among fans and fellow artists. Mejja, known for his unique style and numerous hits, has a considerable fan base and a reputation for being a prominent figure in the gengetone genre. Parroty’s claims, however, paint a different picture, potentially impacting how Mejja is perceived by the public and his peers.

Reactions and Speculations

Following Parroty’s Instagram story, social media platforms have been abuzz with reactions. Some fans support Parroty, sharing their own stories and agreeing with his sentiments, while others defend Mejja, praising his contributions to the industry and questioning the validity of Parroty’s claims.

The Bigger Picture

This public call-out raises important questions about relationships within the music industry. Collaboration and support among artists are crucial for the growth and success of the music scene. Accusations like these can highlight underlying issues that need to be addressed to foster a healthier and more collaborative environment.

Moving Forward

As of now, Mejja has not publicly responded to Parroty Vunulu’s accusations. It remains to be seen how this situation will unfold and whether there will be any attempts to reconcile or address the issues raised by Parroty.


Parroty Vunulu’s bold statement about Mejja being the most selfish person in the music industry has certainly caught the attention of many. This development underscores the challenges and complexities of relationships in the music world.

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