Bahati: It Cost Me Ksh47 Million To Produce ‘The Bahati’s Empire’ Reality Series

On June 7, 2024, Bahati launched his new reality TV show, ‘The Bahati’s Empire,’ which offers a glimpse into the life of him and his family.

The show, which has already garnered significant attention and is trending at number one, showcases the personal and professional aspects of Bahati’s life.

In a recent interview, Bahati disclosed the substantial financial investment required to bring the first season of the show to fruition.

He revealed that the production budget for the inaugural season was Ksh47 million.

Despite the considerable expense, Bahati considers this a modest sum in comparison to his ambitions for the second season.

“This was season 1. The cost of production was Ksh47 million. So season 2 we are looking at going a notch higher…Maybe a Ksh100 million. So yeah,” Bahati explained.

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Bahati and his wife Diana Marua have made history by becoming the first Kenyan couple to feature their reality show on the streaming giant Netflix.

This milestone not only marks a significant achievement for the couple but also underscores the growing influence and reach of Kenyan entertainment on the global stage.

The show’s premiere has captivated audiences, providing an intimate look at the couple’s daily lives, their family dynamics, and Bahati’s music career.

The success of ‘The Bahati’s Empire’ is a testament to the couple’s popularity and the high production values they have brought to the show.

As anticipation builds for the second season, fans are eager to see how Bahati and Diana will elevate the series with an even larger budget.


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