Cleophas Shimanyula: The Incredible Transformation of a ‘Makanga’ Who Now Owns Nearly Half of Kakamega

  • Cleophas Shimanyula’s path from poor beginnings to booming triumph is very inspirational.
  • Shimanyula, who was a tout, or’makanga,’ in his childhood, has emerged as one of the wealthiest people not only in Kakamega County, but throughout the Western area.

In this part, Wakenyaleo will dive into the remarkable success story of Cleophas Shimanyula, emphasising his transformation from a’makanga’ to his current status.

Who is Cleophas Shimanyula?

He is a well-known tycoon from Kakamega County who owns various enterprises throughout the western area and beyond.

Cleophas Shimanyula’s financial acumen has confused many, defying expectations given his little formal education.

Individuals close to Shimanyula, who desire to remain nameless, describe him as a hard worker who seizes any opportunity to maximise income.

In addition to his financial prowess, he inspires dread due to his repeated contacts with law enforcement.

Cleophas Shimanyula, a tout’makanga’ who worked on public transportation vans between Kakamega and Kisumu, had a strong desire to start his own business.

His early interest in the automotive sector grew during his time as a tout, prompting him to engage with his father in their garage.

Within these garage walls, he gained foundational knowledge in auto repair and maintenance.

Recognising the importance of complete information, Cleophas Shimanyula enrolled in driving school to expand his grasp of mechanics.

Cleophas Shimanyula’s Net Worth and Businesses

The Kakamega mogul has spread his investments across other industries, including real estate, sports, transportation, agriculture, construction, and even the lucrative waste management business.

One of his major businesses is the Homeboyz Football Club, which he founded and financially sustained for about a decade before receiving intervention and support from the Kakamega County Government.

Cleophas Shimanyula is also well-known for owning some of Western Kenya’s most famous public transport vehicles.

His journey into the Matatu industry began with the purchase of his first public transport bus, which was financed by a loan from a local commercial bank.

The appellation of his future fleet was established by his debut car, ‘Homeboyz’.

Undeterred by obstacles, the entrepreneur then extended his business by purchasing around 50 more matatus a decade later, utilising the earnings from his initial investment.

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