Comedian 2mbili confirms he is in the Illuminati and ready to sacrifice his friends 1:1.

Comedian 2mbili confirms he is in the Illuminati and ready to sacrifice his friends 1:1.

One of the most famous and controversial Kenyan celebrities and comedian 2mbili has finally decided to open up about the viral stories of him being a member of a famous secret society identified as the Illuminati.

In an interview with online media, 2mbili decided to let the cat out of the bag during the Kalasha awards held at KICC. His dress code is what caused people to start spreading rumors that he is a member of the Illuminati.


Always a jokester full of intelligent quips, the comedian said he doesn’t care what people say about him. If it is true that he is in the Illuminati, he will soon start sacrificing his friends one by one.

Nyeri police are investigating a case in which the body of a 13-year-old girl was found dumped in the bushes after difilement.

He said that the Illuminati also have a supreme being and live and enjoy life like normal people, so he has no problem being associated with them. But he said that the people who judge him don’t understand fashion and it’s not his job to understand them.

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He said he won’t stop wearing crazy outfits, people should expect more and more, he invests in his brand and does everything to be unique and special at every event he attends.

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