“Huyu Hananga Stingo Za Mechi, Anapenda Kifo Cha Mende Tu”, Bahati Exposes Diana.

It appears that there is no privacy in the relationship between Bahati and Diana Marua. The two celebrities have made the decision to post their entire online persona on social media. They always let the public in on the details of their love lives. The public knows their bedroom secrets as well.

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Bahati and Diana made the decision to take some alcohol shots to quench their thirst while on a family vacation in Naivasha. It was merely a means of unwinding and enjoying myself following a hectic first five months of 2023.

Diana Marua, as usual, decided to record some videos while they were inebriated; Bahati’s voice makes it evident that he was extremely inebriated.

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He talked about their bedroom problems and got nasty. Bahati claims that his wife Diana Marua is only flawless in one intimate style, called “Kifo Cha Mende” (Dead Cockroach), and that she is not as knowledgeable about other intimate styles as many people believe.

He claimed that Diana frequently boasts about her inebriation on social media, promising him an intense and sensual encounter. However, he claimed that Diana is usually extremely inebriated and unable to walk, so Bahati has to carry her all the way to bed.

Nearly every one of the two’s bedroom secrets has been made public. Since Diana Marua never falters, she always records everything they do and exposes Bahati as well.

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